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Aim to Communicate is a locally owned and operated licensed, certified, speech-language therapy private practice. At Aim to Communicate, we believe in providing innovative and family-centered pediatric speech and language therapy services that focus on the individual needs of each patient. Our therapists provide compassionate, in-home consultations, comprehensive evaluations, and speech-language therapy from birth through adolescence in Appleton, WI and the greater Fox Valley Area.

Do you have concerns about your child's speech, language, function, or any developmental delays?

  • Does your child have difficulty understanding age-appropriate basic concepts, following directions, and answering questions?

  • Does your child have difficulty with expressing their wants and needs, naming items, using words, phrases, or sentences, or age-appropriate grammar?

  • Does your child have difficulty producing speech sound correctly?

  • Is your child difficult to understand or do they get frustrated when others do not understand them?

  • Does your child have difficulty sequencing, organizing, problem solving, and making decisions?

  • Does your child repeat sounds, syllables, words, or phrases or pause and break in speech?

  • Does your child have difficulty making or sustaining friendships, expressing feelings, or interacting with others?

At Aim to Communicate, we are trained to diagnose and treat an array of communication needs.

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